High-rise/block construction – 2 July 2020

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The third in a rolling programme of Construction Quality Forums, this session will bring together expert speakers from Ministries of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Durkan, Building Alliance, Siderise and NHBC.

This forum will cover topical areas around build quality and the challenges facing the industry around the proposed changes to fire regulations (Part B) in block and high-rise construction, and through an informative and interactive session, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and work together to identify possible solutions.

Consideration will be given to the main topical areas of block/high-rise construction including:

  • Proposed changes to regulations (Part B)
  • Fire stopping and cavity barriers
  • Common quality-related challenges.

Date: Thursday 2 July 2020 – 09:30 registration/10:00 start, end 14:30

Location: NHBC 6th Floor, 1 Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AA

Availability: 60 places

Cost: £60 + VAT per person

About block construction

With limited and expensive land available within our city’s there is no surprise that our skylines are currently being transformed with iconic structures, often built to a high specification with easy access to local facilities, making them a very popular choice for a wide demographic.

This type of construction is quite different from traditional build and often provides a whole host of different quality-related logistics, some of which have been heavily criticised in recent times.

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