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Air flow measurement recording sheet

Air Flow Measurement (Fixed System 1 Fans only)


Combustible stairs in timber framed buildings

Approved Document B - Fire Safety; Volume 2, 5.19, recommends that single escape stairs in residential buildings over three storeys should be constructed of materials of limited combustibility.


Glazing, guarding and restrictors in dwellings

Part N of the Building Regulations seeks to ensure that where people are likely to come into contact with glass it is unlikely to cause injury or the glazing will resist impact or be shielded or protected from impact.


Lift provision to new non-residential buildings

The guidance in the 2004 edition of Part M states that a lift is the most suitable form of access for people moving from one storey to another in buildings other than dwellings.


Access to and use of buildings - dwellings

Parts M and K* to the Building Regulations require that people, regardless of disability, age or gender are able to gain access to buildings and use their facilities, both as visitors and people who live or work in them.


Testing of fixed axial fans

Regulation 42 of the Building Regulations 2010 requires builders to provide evidence of the testing of all fixed fans to the Building Control Body (BCB) within 5 days of the test being carried out.